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AIP Tech

The strength and added value

Our team is composed of world-class experts to support the end-to-end process of implant production.  We provide modeling, mechanical reliability evaluation, optimization and fabrication of the implants with very unique and complex shapes.

Our team works hard to provide the best solutions to individuals and restoring of the well-being and confidence of people.  We develop products that yield a maximum benefit for our customers. This is possible only through a dedicated team, collaborative partnership, and care for well being of people

Our Vison

To use innovative technologies to Improve and restore quality of life to those individuals in need of assistance.

Our mission

  • End-to-end service from design to modeling and fabrication
  • Production of Patient Specific Implants (PSI) based on well-known materials (medical grade titanium powder, etc.),
  • To develop advanced functional materials for 3D printing of Patient specific implants (PSI) product.

Customized impants: design and printing