Who we are

Our international multidisciplinary team is highly experienced, has extensive knowledge in the field and confidence to both develop the product and expand the business globally.

The workflow in the AIP Tech

The board members of the AIP Tech

Dr. Sargis Aghayan
Service manager

+10 Project management experience. A leading scientist in the field.

Principal investigator more than 15 national and international scientific projects

Dr. Aghayan
Dr. Hayk Khachatryan
Product manager

25+ years of industrial research experience in leading electronics industries, a Materials scientist.

Published more than 50 patents and 30+ scientific manuscripts 

Dr. Marina Aghayan
Technology Developer

Research and industrial entrepreneurship experience. Experienced in material and process development. Multimillion projects managing experience


Armen Derderian
Technology Developer

35 years of RF research and development.  RF satellite payload system specialist. 

Management of RF facilities and technical team

25 years of leading experience in ESA Laboratory. 

ISO9001 Internal Auditor


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123 Hovsep Emin St, Yerevan 0051, Armenia