Orthopedic implants


An orthopedic implant is a manmade device targeting to replace a joint, bone, or cartilage which are damaged or deformed by traumas or diseases. In this case the doctor may decide to replace a damaged natural part with a manufactured medical device e.g., an orthopedic implant.  However, this task is not an easy one and heavily dependant on damaged area and type of bones.

Hip replacement surgery

This patient is woman who had two unsuccessful surgeries in the past with different complications and infections. After the infection the bone defect was so large that no other option would help this woman to recover except an implant in the hip. She lived in pain for several year.

Modeling and printing
Hip bone (os caxae) Normal
Hip bone damaged area
The model of the implant
Printted real implant (Titanum based)

CT or MRI scanning of the patient to get damaged or deformed bone(s).

Based on CT data the damaged bone and the part where the implant should be placed are being modeled.

The implant and the bone is being printed (plastic). The physical samples is provided to doctor. After feedback and correction the implant is being printed

The doctor has time for pre-operation training and optimization of the surgery process. Then surgery is being performed

Ortopedic surgery

Thanks to Dr. Antounian and our team of engineers, we have prepared customized Titanium cup to be inserted in her hip within two weeks. We will be following the patient for about six months. So far, the patient is on her way to full recovery.

Talus replacement surgery

The story of each person is unique and touching. This story belongs to a cardiologist surgeon who was injured during the war when he was rescuing solders. Despite the excruciating pain he endured, he continued performing surgeries for 40 days while standing on his other foot. The orthopedic surgeons suggested to amputate the foot. Luckily we heard about this story in time and suggested to design a customized implant for him to save his foot. Our team member, an American experienced orthopedic surgeon François Antounian was in Armenia and assisted in carrying out the first ever customized orthopedic surgery in Armenia. The patient’s foot was saved and now he can walk. Later Dr. Antounian will train other doctors to record good results in this field.

Talus: Normal
Talus with damaged area
The model of thr implant
Printed implant (our solution)

Successful surgery. Talus replacement