AIP Tech

What is the Customize Implant?

Customized implants anatomically reproduce to the patient’s damaged area. Based on the patient’s CT data a unique customized implants is created to replace or to support skeleton defected area, hence recovering functionality. 


Based on the patient’s CT data we create a model for damaged bones and implant 

Damaged bones

Printing the damaged area allows doctors to understand the real defects in real sizes and dimensions. Moreover, it helps to fine-tune the dimension and shape of the implant, mimic and practice the surgery process. This enhances the performance of the doctor and cuts surgery time. 3D printed damaged bones help in providing exact symmetry & maintain original implants.

The Implants

Implants have been used to reconstruct the missing bones to provide the benefit of both functioning. The implants are optimized to be lightweight without compromising mechanical reliability. The dimensions are fitting with a damaged area. If needed mesh structure is created.


3D printing of Ti based implant